About me

yeah..  i’m vivek  pursuing senior year bachelor degree in biotechnology at Indian Institute of  Technology, Madras. I have no idea what or why I m pursuing this. though i m particularly rebellious about my choices and decisions, I m really passionate about music, novels and sports.

when i first came to IITM in ’09, i felt the freedom in the air, and i liked it, but it lasted a little longer than it should have.  For which i haven’t been able to make it up,(yet!)

I want to tell how i felt when i over slept and missed a quiz, when giving free advice to my friend about his love, when the prof calls out my name to do a problem on the board and goes “com’on vivek! i’m waiting”, when i got my guitar.

If I knew exactly who I was, this probably would be a lot easier to write, but hopefully my posts will reveal more about myself than this ‘About me’ page does.

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