After nearly 3 years of first writing the “About me” page , its time I updated. Well its been almost 2 years since I graduated, and same time I’ve been preparing for the Indian Civil Services Exam. In my 4th year of Undergrad days, like every one else, I was at the cross roads of my career, whether to continue in my major subject, Biotechnology, i.e, go for higher education and do research (nah, not my cup of tea!) or take up a software job (nope, could put my life to better use), or opt for financial programs like MBA either Indian or overseas (too mainstream for me!).

India being a vast and diverse country, there were many issues in public space, but what caught my attention was this issue -“farmer suicide”. So I started to dig up on this issue (of course working on my final year project alongside), what the government is saying, what the experts are saying and what the people are expecting from both of them, I realized Govt was in great position to meet the expectations of these people than any private citizen or an independent organization.

So, I made my decision, to become a bureaucrat.

Though I chose Economics as my optional subject and almost done with Masters in one year,  I still got my old guitar, new & old novels, new sports and great music with me.

Oh, I also got a new DSLR camera, thanks to Dad’s Israel trip.

dip your paint brush here!
dip your paint brush here!
Shades of sun!
Shades of sun!
its better not to sleep , if you have to catch the sun rising.


yeah..  i’m vivek  pursuing senior year bachelor degree in biotechnology at Indian Institute of  Technology, Madras. I have no idea what or why I m pursuing this. though i m particularly rebellious about my choices and decisions, I m really passionate about music, novels and sports.

when i first came to IITM in ’09, i felt the freedom in the air, and i liked it, but it lasted a little longer than it should have.  For which i haven’t been able to make it up,(yet!)

I want to tell how i felt when i over slept and missed a quiz, when giving free advice to my friend about his love, when the prof calls out my name to do a problem on the board and goes “com’on vivek! i’m waiting”, when i got my guitar.

If I knew exactly who I was, this probably would be a lot easier to write, but hopefully my posts will reveal more about myself than this ‘About me’ page does.